Aceites Hidraulicos Aceite Para Compresor Fluidos EDM Grasa Grado Alimenticio Grasas Para Engranes Lubricantes para Maquinaria Lubricantes para Aplicar en Atomizado (Sprayado) Lubricantes para Guias Para Roscado

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Aceites de Corte y Rebaje Lubricantes de Formado Lubricante de Forjado Lubricante para Doblado Limpiadores de Equipo Refrigerante para Rectificado Aceites para Rectificado Micro emulsiones Refrigerante Semisintetico Aceites Soluble Lubricante para Estampado Refrigerante Sintetico


Equipo de Manejo de Refrigerante Inhibidor de Espuma Desengrasante Limpiador de Emulsion Limpiadores de Mantenimiento Inhibidor de Corrosion
• Aerospace and Aviation • Asphalt and Road Construction • Automotive and Light Vehicles • Electronics and Printed Circuit Boards • Electrical Equipment and Appliances • Floor Covering and Carpet • Hand Tools and Hardware • Heavy Transportation and Mining • Furniture and Office Equipment • Jewelry and Precision Instruments • Magnetic Devices and Magnets • Machine Tools and Metal Cutting • Marine and Floating Vessels
• Medical Device Implants and Surgical           Instruments   • Metal Injection Molding (MIM) • Precision Manufacturing • Nondestructive Testing (NDT) • Optics and Optical Instruments • Rail Transportation, Passenger and Cargo • Surface Finishing and Coatings • 3D Rapid Prototyping and Model Making • Space Vehicle Propulsion, Manned and    Unmanned • Weapons, Ordnances and Munitions • Wind Turbines and Components
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